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Sojourner by Gunnar Helliesen

Sojourner e-Book cover
We're happy to announce the recent publication of "Sojourner: Life will never be the same. Nor will death." by Gunnar Helliesen.

Sojourner is an epic thriller about first contact, survival and the nature of reality.

Can one girl prevent an interplanetary war? When an intelligent alien spaceship arrives in our solar system, no one on Earth even notices. Not until brilliant information security analyst Mazie G stumbles across an alien intruder in her employer’s computer systems.

When she traces the intrusion back to its origin, what Mazie discovers sets events in motion that will threaten the future of all life on Earth. As the alien intelligence struggles to understand humanity’s paranoia, both sides grow increasingly suspicious of each other. Now it’s up to Mazie to discover the identity of the real enemy and avoid a disaster.

Sojourner paperback cover
It's available now on Amazon, in both e-book and paperback format. You can even read it for free with Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy (and please don't forget to leave a review, especially if you like it)!